-4-4.PLANNING FOR PAINTING WORKSPainting projects are usually planned in the following way.1)Paints are selected after studying the factors which affect the durability of paint film.2)The surface preparation method and the painting procedure are decided by considering the characteristics of the paint, the design of the structures and so on.3)All painting specifications are decided by considering cost factors.Fig. 3 shows the important factors in planning coating works.Fig. 3 Important Factors in Planning Coating WorksSELECTION OF SURFACE PREPARATIONRequired Derusting GradeSurface Profile(Post-fabricated)Location of Job(On-site)Condition of SurfaceEnvironmentalConstraintsPhysical of Chemical CleanlinessSafetyDrying and HandlingInspectionShop PaintingField PaintingScaffoldingEffect on Applicationof PaintApplicationMethodsSafety(Intercoatadhesion)(Environmental constraints)(Thickness)(Contact surface)(Stripping)(Continuity)(Damage)Pre-applicationProcedure(Surface Preparation)(Storage of Paint & Thinner)(Mixing & thinning)(Materials handling & use)(Air-spray)(Brush)(Roller)(Airless-spray)Conditions of Surface Encountered(New-construction)(Maintenance)SELECTION OF PAINT APPLICATION