-3-3.PROTECTIVE COATINGS FOR INDUSTRIAL PLANTSVOC reductionAlthough organic solvent is one of the major components of paints, which is originally utilized during paint film formation by evaporating, large amount of organic solvents has been emitted into atmosphere until now.High solid paint, solvent free paint and water borne paint have been developed as VOC reduction plan by the government was unveiled and regulation that restricts VOC emission is expected to be more serious.Transformation of solvents type to low tendency of oxidant generation. Organic solvents are assumed to be causative agent generating ozone in troposphere that is known as oxidant in photochemical smog. For the generation of this oxidant, contribution to the photochemical reaction is different depending on the kind of an individual organic solvent. Mineral spirit, however, is reported to be relatively low tendency in generating oxidant. Therefore, development and marketing of mineral spirit soluble high durable paint such as epoxy, polyurethane and fluoro-carbon have been progressing. Exclusion of carcinogenCoal tar is useful and low cost material having high water-repellency. Tar epoxy paint that consists of combination of coal tar and epoxy resin has been applied on area that high level of water resistance is required. However, carcinogen in coal tar is considered to threaten worker’s health or water pollution and has been restricted or banned for city water pipe interior coating. Kansai Paint has been developing and marketing modified epoxy paint without containing coal tar by positive trial to abolish paints with coal tar. Measures for lead and chromiumLead and chromium have been used as anti-corrosive pigment for primers, color pigments for top coat and dryers for alkyd paints. Those heavy metals, however, have been restricted of use world widely due to their possibility to damage work environment and water quality. The anti corrosive pigments in primers have been replaced with phosphate anti corrosive pigments. And dryers and color pigments have been also replaced with lead and chromium free materials.