1.INTRODUCTIONPublic attention today is focused on the conservation of limited natural resources. Corrosion prevention technology contributes to society by protecting all steel structures such as large plants for natural resource development, process plants, ships, sea-going containers, bridges, and port facilities. Such structures must withstand severe environmental conditions for years. Highly specialized treatment is thus required to ensure long-lasting service. Among various material technology developments to cope with the corrosion, coating is raising its position as the easiest, effective and economical measure to minimize corrosion loss and consumption of natural resources and energy. Anticipating such corrosion problems, Kansai Paint Co., Ltd., Japan’s largest paint manufacturer, has long been engaged in research and development activities and has successfully been marketing at home and abroad alike varieties of heavy-duty coatings to meet versatile requirements.Kansai paint is always ready to listen to its customers and welcomes all inquiries in the field of protective coatings. We hope this guidebook will be of service to you. -1-