-18-12.RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PROTECTIVE COATINGSIN THE SPECIFIC ENVIRONMENTS AND KANSAI’S RECOMMENDEDPAINTING SYSTEMS FOR NEW-CONSTRUCTIONEnvironment SurfaceSummary of Painting SystemRecommendations for protective coatings in specific environmentRecom-mendedPaintingSystemDry FilmThickness(microns)Paint Materials (Generic Name)No. ofCoatLow PollutionLow Relative HumidityAbsence of Chemical Fumes and Low Contamination with SaltsOperating Temp. below 80℃Oil Alkyd Primer / Oil Alkyd FinishWash Primer / Oil Alkyd FinishEpoxy / PolyurethaneEpoxy / FluoroSilicone Primer / Silicone AluminumInorganicZinc / Epoxy / PolyurethaneInorganic Zinc High Build /Epoxy / PolyurethaneInorganic Zinc High Build /Epoxy / FluoroInorganic Zinc High Build /Epoxy High BuildInorganic Zinc High Build /Modified Silicone AluminumInorganic Zinc High Build /Silicone AluminumHigh Humidity (Frequently Damp or Wet)Moderate Pollution(Frequently Exposed to Chemical Fumes)Operating Temp. below 80℃Operating Temp. below 200℃Operating Temp. below 201〜400℃Operating Temp. below 401〜550℃High PollutionModerate or High HumidityOperating Temp. below 80℃High Salt Environment fromSea CoastHigh Humidity & MoistureOperating Temp. below 80℃1. Exposure EnvironmentMildModerateSevereSteelABCDEFGHIJK445355443341259519095235235235135808090SteelSteelGalvanizedSteelSteelGalvanizedSteelGalvanizedSteelIndustrialMarineElevatedTemperatureEnvironment SurfaceSummary of Painting SystemRecom-mendedPaintingSystemDry FilmThickness(micron)Paint Materials (Generic Name)No. ofCoatFrequent Immersion or Sea SpraySea WaterIndustrial Water Industrial WaterDrinking WaterEpoxy Zinc / Modified Epoxy High BuildEpoxy Zinc High Build / Non-Solvent Epoxy MasticEpoxy Zinc /Epoxy High Build for Drinking WaterGlass Flake Vinyl EsterEpoxy Zinc /Modified Epoxy High BuildEpoxy High Build for ChemicalsGlass Flake Vinyl EsterEpoxy High Build for ChemicalsInorganic Zinc High BuildCrude Oil Heavy OilNaphthaGasolineKerosene2. Splash Zone or ImmersionSplashZoneImmersionLMLNOPOPQ333443431315302031531534069034069075SteelWater