-14-Transportation(Assembly)Surface PretreatmentTouch-up CoatingFinish CoatingFinal InspectionCompletionIf the equipment is transported by sea or stored near the sea, the salt adhering to the surface shall be washed away with fresh water to the extent that the salt content is less than 100 mg/m2. The surface shall then be well dried.Damaged and welded areas shall be cleaned to the specified grade by the proper method.Same as the primer and intermediate coatings.Damaged and welded areas prepared to the specified grade shall be touched up with paints of the same kind precoated at the shop.Be sure to observe the proper overcoating interval and the specified film thickness.The edges and holes where the specified film thickness is hard to obtain shall be thoroughly touched up.NoNoNoNoNoYesYesYesYesYesYesSurface PreparationCCCC(Site)1. Salt deposits on surface2. Existence of grease, oil and similar matters3. Moisture on surface1. Environmental conditions2. Degree of cleaning1. Wet & dry film thickness.SSPC PA 2 is commonlyrecommended to measurethe dry film thickness2. Overcoating intervalRemarks:1. C = Check2. For details regarding the flow chart, the application procedure and the check points for inspection,   please contact your local Kansai Paint Representatives.